This blog will be updated as the campaign progresses.

the gift that kept on giving

This campaign funded me to work on git-annex for a year. While that campaign fund is used up by now, I've now gotten additional funding, which will let me work on git-annex for two more years!

The funding comes from the DataLad project, which was recently awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation. DataLad folks (at Dartmouth College and at Magdeburg University in Germany) are working on providing easy access to scientific data (particularly neuroimaging). So git-annex will actually be used for science!

I'm being funded for around 30 hours of work each month, to do general work on the git-annex core (not on the webapp or assistant). That includes bugfixes and some improvements that are wanted for DataLad, but are all themselves generally useful. (see issue list)

This is enough to get by on, at least in my current living situation. It would be great if I could find some funding for my other work time -- but it's also wonderful to have the flexibility to spend time on whatever other interesting projects I might want to.

stickers soon

It's now been a full year since I started doing development funded by this campaign. There have been 204 days of work covered in the devblog as well as 13 days in the old blog, starting here. Still another month of work planned.

I've been doing sponsored commits and day's sponsor rewards all along, but work on getting stickers to mail out as a "thank-you" to everyone has been a rather low-priority background task.

I finally got them printed! The new git-annex logo, on clear vinyl, so it makes a nice decal for hardware. Here it is on my laptop:


I have 1000 of these, so everyone will get 2, as well as some leftover stickers with the old logo.

I pinged everyone in January to make sure I have the right addresses for you. Did not expect this to take so long, so if you've moved in the meantime and your mail won't be forwarded to you, send an email with the new address to

still taking contributions

While the campaign officially ended last month, I am still accepting late contributions. I would be really happy if this got to 500 sponsors.

See 100 percent for details about how I will be using any extra money that's contributed!

100 percent

I'm funded to work on git-annex full-time for a full year. Again. Amazing.

The campaign will remain open until August 15th. And like I say in the FAQ, this is a one-time thing. I don't expect to run another crowdfunding campaign in a year to get yet more time to develop git-annex. Any additional money that's raised will be split three ways:

  1. More time.
  2. Dealing with the unexpected. I need around $1k a month, but a slightly less lean budget for the year would be wise!
  3. Expanding horizons. I can happily work all year, but it's good to get out and meet people. In the past year, I presented git-annex at two conferences, and attended two more. Some conferences on my wish list in the coming year include the Chaos Communication Conference, the Personal Data Archiving conference, and the Git Merge.
almost there

It's looking very likely that I will be funded to work on git-annex for a full year!

If you've already sponsored me, and want to help push me over the finish line, let a friend know about git-annex and this campaign. Or consider upgrading your sponsorship..

All 12 of the "personal git-annex assistant" rewards are claimed. That'll be one a month over the next year of work. But, there are other nice rewards still available.

My 300th day of crowdfunded git-annex development was sponsored by Mikhail Barabanov, who is also happens to be the first person who backed me in this new campaign. I've also started making sponsored commits. If you're curious how that looks, here are the first two:

By the way, if you sent me bitcoin, and you can't find your name in sponsors, please drop me an email with the details about your payment.

shooting for a year

Now I'm funded to work on git-annex for nine months! And the git-annex enhancement contest will happen to reward others working on git-annex.

I've updated the goal to be for a full year. I'm amazed to think I might get crowd funded for another full year of work.

By the way, the cost breakdown of the $15k goal:

  • $12k for 12 months
  • $1k for the git-annex enhancement contest
  • $2k for taxes and other expenses that you have to factor in when committing to a full year of employment
new stretch goal and a contest

Now that the first stretch goal of $6000 has been reached, in the first 12 hours of the campaign being open, I'm funded to work on git-annex through the end of 2013!

My next stretch goal is to get to $10000. This extends the funding out to 9 months, which should be time to gestate something awesome!

the git-annex enhancement contest

This time, the stretch goal is not just about funding me. $1000 of the money will be given out as awards to whoever contributes the best enhancements to git-annex by the end of 2013. You don't need to know Haskell to add support for a cloud service as a git-annex special remote. Just write 4 hook scripts and git-annex can be hooked up to any cloud service you can imagine. Or you could write some really nice documentation. Or you could learn some Haskell, and fix a bug report! Yes, you too can be paid for writing Haskell code. ;)

I'll pick the winners and prize amounts, possibly with assistance from a poll. Encouraging more contributions to git-annex is important for it to really take off.

initial goal reached in seven hours

I've reached $3000 funding, for the next 3 months of work on git-annex.

It took my Kickstarter campaign 24 hours to reach this point! I'm amazed. Clearly distributed crowdfunding can work, when you have such amazing sponsors.

What now? My first stretch goal is a full 6 months of development on git-annex.

As I said to my Kickstarter backers earlier today,

Looking back, if I had only gotten funded for half a year, there would be so many things I'd not have been able to do. There would be no Android port, no Internet Archive integration, no Windows port, incomplete XMPP support, no screencasts walking through setting up the git-annex assistant. So, what might I accomplish if I got funded for six months more?

Hope we find out!


I'm beyond pleased at the response to my campaign! Perhaps, like the Kickstarter, it will reach the initial goal in under 24 hours?

Especially happy to see a higher percentage of female names in the sponsors list this time around.

Well, I'm off to bed, and the numbers don't update automatically in this hand-built fundraiser site. So, we'll see in the morning. :)