I'm funded to work on git-annex full-time for a full year. Again. Amazing.

The campaign will remain open until August 15th. And like I say in the FAQ, this is a one-time thing. I don't expect to run another crowdfunding campaign in a year to get yet more time to develop git-annex. Any additional money that's raised will be split three ways:

  1. More time.
  2. Dealing with the unexpected. I need around $1k a month, but a slightly less lean budget for the year would be wise!
  3. Expanding horizons. I can happily work all year, but it's good to get out and meet people. In the past year, I presented git-annex at two conferences, and attended two more. Some conferences on my wish list in the coming year include the Chaos Communication Conference, the Personal Data Archiving conference, and the Git Merge.
About the commited time.
I do hope that you give yourself some free time, i work 12 hours a day every day all year and it takes it's toll after a few years.
Comment by Thomas