It's looking very likely that I will be funded to work on git-annex for a full year!

If you've already sponsored me, and want to help push me over the finish line, let a friend know about git-annex and this campaign. Or consider upgrading your sponsorship..

All 12 of the "personal git-annex assistant" rewards are claimed. That'll be one a month over the next year of work. But, there are other nice rewards still available.

My 300th day of crowdfunded git-annex development was sponsored by Mikhail Barabanov, who is also happens to be the first person who backed me in this new campaign. I've also started making sponsored commits. If you're curious how that looks, here are the first two:

By the way, if you sent me bitcoin, and you can't find your name in sponsors, please drop me an email with the details about your payment.